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Carly A. Davis

Young Adult Fantasy Author


Carly A. Davis (She/Her or They/Them) is a Connecticut native who now lives somewhere unbearably hot. To avoid the elements, she lurks indoors and writes using an unconventional but effective technique, with one hand on the keyboard, the other occasionally patting her dog.

Whether she is writing about a young mage unearthing dirty family secrets, a foul-mouthed teenaged supervillain with a stimulant addiction and her drug-dealing mentor, or a storm-calling sorcerer forced to enlist in the bloodiest war of her era, she loves to use the lens of the extraordinary to examine her characters and explore their relationships in a sharper focus.

Her hobbies outside of writing include spending time with her husband and her dog, reading, cooking, sewing, cosplay, and plotting ways to pet every single puppy.

She is a member of the Pitch Wars Mentee Class of 2021.

The Grimoire's Heir

Sixteen-year-old Rae Fairclough is the heiress to one of the most powerful magical families in the world, except, she hasn't stepped foot in her ancestral home since her father used his magic to brand her skin.
Nearly ten years later, she's set to inherit it all—including her father's demon familiar. Except, Rae doesn't exactly want to sell her soul, so she sets out on a journey to succeed where every other Fairclough firstborn has failed: severing the demon's hold on her family tree.

Hopeless Hearts

What We Do in the Shadows meets Riverdale in this Carmilla retelling.

All Violet Winthropp wants out of her freshman year of college is a new start. Haunted by her high school past as the weird bi girl obsessed with vampires, she aims to keep her head down and fly under the radar. That is, until she meets her new roommate, Liz.
Liz is everything Violet wishes she could be: beautiful, witty, and possibly a vampire.
Okay, she’s most certainly a vampire.


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